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Millet rice ball shop "Bunzo"

Handmade rice ball speciality shop where everyone will smile.

Thank you very much for your visiting. It is a website of rice ball specialty shop "Bunzo". All our rice balls and side dishes are handmade with safe ingredients and cooking methods, we would like to offer deliciousness and delight to eat. The location of the shop is about 3 minutes on foot from the Mejiro station ticket gate. Please cross the boulevard in front of the station and walk down "the Frank Lloyd Wright's small diameter" along the railroad to the direction of Ikebukuro. We sincerely look forward to your visit.

The menu of Bunzo

Millet rice ball
Shio¥150None(Plain rice ball)
Negi-miso¥170Leek miso
Ha-tougarashi ¥170Leaf red pepper
Ao-tou-miso ¥180Green peper miso
Takana ¥170Leaf mustard
Dendera-miso¥180Sweet miso
Okaka ¥170Dry bonito flakes seasoned with soy sauce
Shirasu-cheese ¥210Whitebait & cheese
Shoga-okaka ¥180Ginger bonito
Cheese-okaka¥230Cheese & bonito
Konbu ¥190Sea kelp cooked in sweetened soy sauce
Tori-soboro-yuzu-kosho¥230Ground chicken seasoned with yuzu zest and green pepper
Umeboshi¥200Pickled plum
Yakiniku ¥230Japanese barbecue
Jyako-ume¥200Dried young sardines & crunchy pickled plum
Tsuna-mayo ¥180Tuna & mayonnaise
sha-ke¥210Grilled salmon
sha-ke-mayo¥230Grilled salmon & mayonnaise
Tarako¥210Solt seasoned cod roe
Tara-mayo¥230Solt seasoned cod roe & mayonnaise
Mentaiko ¥210Spicy seasoned cod roe
Mentai-mayo¥230Spicy seasoned cod roe & mayonnaise

Handmade side dishes
Tamago-yaki¥150Japanese rolled omelette
Kara-a-ge¥230Japanese fried chicken
Misoshiru ¥150Miso soup
Ajitama¥150Soft-boiled egg marinated in dashi soup

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Rice ball specialty shop "Bunzo"
102, Interiziere Mejiro, 3-17-29, Mejiro, Toshima-ku Tokyo, 171-0031, Japan

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